Fan Club Friday: Paper Kite Events

Hey guys!

Today is the first Friday of the month, which means that it is Fan Club Friday!  These are some of my favorite posts to write because in them, I get to brag on my talented friends.  It's easy to talk about people who are good at stuff.

This is Emily Wilkins, owner and operator of Paper Kite Events in Norman, Oklahoma.

Emily and I have been friends since college, and sometimes I wonder if there is anything that's hard for her!

Last summer, my husband turned 30, and my two girls turned one and three, all within less than six weeks of each other.  We now refer to Summer 2016 as "The Great Summer of All the Birthday Parties."  I love me a good party, and each event was successful.  However, I remember talking to Emily, whose kids and husband are the same ages as mine, and saying that I did not want to plan another party again for a very, very long time.

I'll never forget her response: "Really?  Oh, I love that stuff!"

And y'all, she's good at it.

Every time I go to an Emily-planned event, I leave feeling slightly incompetent, in the best "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" way possible.  From the invitations she sends to the minute details on the tables, every element is perfectly prepared and executed.  Emily is not just using ideas from Pinterest; she's inventing new ones.  This girl literally thinks of everything.    

So, when Emily told me that she was going to start an event planning business, my first reaction was, "I cannot think of one better person for that job!"

Emily is friendly and patient and offers several different service packages in order to meet whatever planning and promotional needs her clients have.  When I was pregnant with our second, Emily threw me the most precious baby shower at her historic home, but she pulls off far more than showers and parties.  Her portfolio includes legislative breakfasts, teacher banquets, grand opening celebrations, and retreats.  

A native Oklahoman, Emily is knowledgeable about a variety of venues and vendors in the greater Oklahoma City area.  Personally, I love that she loves Norman.  This college town where we live is unique and quirky but also charming, and Emily is proud to call it home.

If events of any size overwhelm you as much as they do me, or you simply cannot fit another item on your already-full plate, Emily is your girl.  Check out Paper Kite Events on their website, Instagram, or Facebook page, and then sit back and relax ... because you just finished the hardest part of your event planning.

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