Fan Club Friday: The Kinney Team

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows that such an important transaction has potential for being a huge headache.  

We've lived in our current home for about 2.5 years, and it could not be more perfect for our little family.  Our previous house was a great "starter home", but my husband and I began to feel claustrophobic in its 1,000 square feet when we unexpectedly found out that I was pregnant.  (First world problems, I know.)  We already had a toddler at the time, so our plans to move into a more spacious home "at some point down the road" quickly escalated.

Kacie Kinney Realtor

I casually mentioned our growing family's needs to my realtor friend, Kacie, who encouraged us to pull the trigger and put our house on the market.  Thanks to her wise suggestion, we finalized our entire buying and selling process in a month.  The Kinney Team sold our house for over our asking pricing in four days, and we were able to find our current home just hours later.  I was sixteen weeks pregnant and horribly sick on our closing/moving day, so Kacie arranged for meals to be catered to our home as soon as we moved in and for a professional cleaning service to make our old home presentable.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd repeat our homebuying experience in a heartbeat.  The reason?  We had an amazing realtor.

I went to college at THE University of Oklahoma with Kacie, and I remember her being a go-getter, even at 18.  She knew what she wanted and always worked hard to pursue her dreams.  Unfortunately, these qualities can translate into realtors being pushy, self-centered salespeople.  Kacie is different.  She cares about the people buying and selling homes.  Instead of simply trying to complete a transaction, Kacie envisions the family members who will be sitting around the kitchen table or playing fetch with the dog in the backyard in a given home.  Her desire is to help others, and real estate is the tool that she uses to do that.

Kacie's assertiveness, knowledge, and passion have put The Kinney Team in the top 1% of real estate teams in the OKC metro area.  I enjoyed working with Kacie because I often felt that she better understood what we needed and wanted in a home than we did.  In addition, she was able to represent us politely but firmly with the other real estate agents involved.  A Yukon native, Kacie's knowledge of and love for homes across the metro is superior.  If you're looking to purchase a home for the first time (or the 51st!), you need this girl on your side!    

Closing Day, February 2015

Closing Day, February 2015

Before we bought our home, we prayed for a place where we could raise our family and keep our doors open to people from all walks of life.  We believe that our house is a gift, and we want to be good stewards of it by inviting others into our life in Norman.  In less than three years, we have not only brought a second child home to this address, but we have hosted several AirBnB guests from across the country and rented out a room to a recent high school graduate.  In weeks ahead, we have the privilege of welcoming in children through foster care.  Our prayers have been answered beyond what we ever could have imagined. 

This home isn't just the place where we live; it is where we write our story.  Thanks, Kacie, for your part in storytelling.  

Check out The Kinney Team on their website, Facebook, or Instagram, and let Kacie help you take the first step toward fulfilling your real estate dreams.

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